Videos links for simple lymphatic drainage (SLD)

The University of Glasgow inconjunction with the Macmillan Lymphoedema Association (MLA) is happy to share these videos demonstrating one method of carrying out simple lymphatic drainage ( SLD) or self massage. The first 2 videos should be watched first and then the other ones are more specific to the area you want to treat. Your lymphoedema practitioner may tailor these routines more specifically to what you require and you will also be asked to do more movements or exercises alongside these routines to really help encourage your lymphatics to work more effectively and help with drainage but these videos may assist as a reminder for you.

Video title Student viewing link
SLD First Play
SLD Intro
SLD Left arm
SLD Right arm
SLD both arms
Right leg
Left leg
Right Breast Oedema
Left Breast Oedema
SLD Additional Info