Welcome to the physiotherapists’ pages. 

Physiotherapists will see patients with a variety of oedemas depending on the cause of swelling. These pages have been divided into subheadings for physiotherapy treatment options of Cancer-related oedema and Non-cancer-related oedema and supporting information on Systemic causes of oedema and managing Cellulitis.   For further information on assessment, diagnosis and specific lymphoedema treatments please read the doctors and community nurses pages of this website.

Click on the following links for Physiotherapy treatment options and rationale, resources and evidence for:

  • Physiotherapy for cancer related lymphoedema   including post-surgery (lymph node removal), radiotherapy and scarring, teaching self-management and care in the palliative (active tumour) situation.
  • Non-cancer oedema physiotherapy including Primary oedema and lipoedema, Obesity related oedema, Venous oedema (varicose veins, DVT, post-thrombotic syndrome, vascular surgery, venous ulcers, venous insufficiency, peripheral vascular disease), and dependency/gravitational oedema from reduced limb function.
  • Systemic oedema and cellulitis– see also other related pages on this website

Further resources:

Physiotherapy Works: Lymphoedema (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy 2012) for on-line information.

Information on accredited Lymphoedema Courses in Scotland

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