LymphOnline – Introduction to Chronic Oedema & Lymphoedema

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Dates: 27th June – 1st July 2016
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Many health care practitioners will care for people with chronic swelling of their lower limbs. Often this is a symptom of another health problems such as venous hypertension, varicose ulceration, stroke or cardiac problems, to name but a few. The swelling itself inhibits the patients’ mobility and predisposes them to other complications, such as wet, leaky legs or cellulitis. Yet chronic swelling of the legs can be very difficult to resolve.

This free introductory online course has been developed to enhance understanding of the problem of chronic leg swelling, its implications and strategies that help to reduce swelling, risks of further complications, and increase the patients’ comfort. It is relevant for all healthcare professionals whose work involves caring for the elderly, those with limited mobility, chronic vascular, skin, renal and cardiac problems or obesity, as all are at risk of chronic oedema of their legs.

Day 1     Online introduction to the team (12.30pm).
Day 2     Swollen Legs and Feet workshop and knowledge check
Day 3     Interactive case study
Day 4     Consolidation and webinar question preparation
Day 5     Live webinar presentation 12.30pm

Students who successfully finish the course will be issued with a Certificate of Completion.


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