About the SLPN

The Scottish Lymphoedema Practitioners Network is a group of registered health care professionals who care for people with lymphoedema in a variety of healthcare settings. The purpose of the group is to develop and share best practice; to provide advisory and educational services to other professional groups; to increase awareness of lymphoedema; to participate in research projects and to liaise with to the British Lymphology Society, Lymphoedema Support Network, and the International Lymphoedema Framework.

The 2019-21 Chair and Secretary of the Scottish Lymphoedema Practitioners Network are Yolande Borthwick and Margaret Anne Garner, they can be contacted through e-mailing LymphoedemaScotland@gmail.com

Or for information on this website and its on-going development contact Dr Rhian Noble-Jones, University Lecturer, University of Glasgow who facilitated the project to design this website as part of her PhD research.

Important Notice

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