PODIATRISTS and Chiropodists

Can you help us to help you?

We need to know a bit more about your experiences with these patients and what would help…..

These are the sorts of things my friendly podiatrist said she’s been asked to do … is it typical of what you face? Please let me know at rhian.noble-jones@glasgow.ac.uk

  • Taking nail clippings to send to the labs to get a mycology report to confirm or exclude fungal infection.
  • Referring to the Orthotist for footwear provision.
  • Routine footcare.
  • Verbal advice on how to recognise infection.
  • Provision on advice leaflets on Fungal nails and skin and on Oedema.
  • Prescriptions arranged for emoillient.

In the meantime contacts for PODIATRY/Chiropody issues (in no particular order ) are:


If you are aware of good resources on this subject, you have good photos that you have permission to share with the world or you’re a podiatrist or chiropodist who would be willing to give us a bit of your time (for free) to check over the new material for this page, then please get in touch: rhian.noble-jones@glasgow.ac.uk or LymphoedemaScotland@gmail.com